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Original PDFC Members Medallion from 1979

Original PDFC Members Medallion from 1979

PDFC - A Brief History

The Port District Football club was formed in 1979 after the amalgamation of Semaphore Central (1898) & Exeter (1932) Football Clubs. These two clubs were 2 of the oldest metropolitan football clubs and both shared the oval at Largs Reserve - the current home base of Port District. At the time of their merger in 1979 they had collectively won 17 SAAFL Division 1 Grand Finals between them - equal to that of Varsity at the same time. Furthermore the clubs had produced 10 Magarey Medals from their junior ranks from players that went onto play at the highest level.

At the end of the 1978 season the respective committee's of both clubs met and after much discussion and numerous meetings it was jointly decided that in order to ensure the future of football at Largs Oval and in the port district generally, both clubs would be best served by amalgamation - forming a completely new "neutral" identity - the Port District Football Club.

In many respects the merger returned the club back to how it operated in the early 1930's. In those days Exeter or Semaphore Central Juniors as they were known were Semaphore Central's Reserves side that started in the lower divisions of Amateur League. However Exeter quickly progressed through the ranks until in 1934 the two teams (one club) would have been competing against each other in the same division. Semaphore Central Junior was forced to differentiate themselves from Semaphore Central and so Exeter was formed and the club was split. In many respects the creation of Port District was merely a return to the way things were.

South Australian Football Association (SAFA)

In September of 1978 the newly formed club gave notice to the South Australian Amateur League not only that they would be merging but  they would also be leaving the League and would join the SAFA competition. No doubt this would have been a blow to SAAFL as both Exeter and Semaphore Central were historically two of the strongest and longest serving clubs in the competition. For many years along with University they were the mainstay of the Division 1 competition. For many at the club at the time they were saddened by this break in tradition and the long standing association with SAAFL. Ironically for Semaphore Central it was a return to the same competition that had ejected them so unceremoniously some 68 years earlier.

The entry into the SAFA competition proved to be short-lived with the new competition struggling to remain viable - Port District happily returned to the South Australian Amateur League at the beginning of the 1984 season - this time in Division3.

Return to SAAFL

Since re-entering the SAAFL in 1984 in Division 3, the club quickly progressed through the ranks winning the Division 3 competition in 1984. In 1985 after finishing minor premiers in Division 2 they were beaten in the Grand Final by S.P.O.C. but regardless were elevated back into Division 1 the following year.


The first official PDFC guernsey comprised of a black background with the famous white PDFC emblem on the front - they won a premiership in their first year. This guernsey was worn until 1992 when the club changed its design to the black and white horizontal stripes - they one a further Division 1 Premiership that year - to date the only one since their formation. This guernsey design was worn until the end of 2007, and then in 2008 the club reverted back to the original all black guernsey design. In the same year, the club introduced a "clash" guernsey which was simply the colours reverted - an all white background with black PDFC logo on the front.

Over 37 years, the Port District Football Club has never been lower than A3.



The 22 senior/colts premierships that we have won are listed below:

• 1 x Div 1 Premiership (1992) - see videos in sidebar
• 2 x Div 1 Reserve Premiership (1979, 1995)
• 3 x Div 2 Premierships (1979, 1998 & 2007)
• 3 x Div 2 Reserve Premiership (1989, 1991, 2007)
• 1 x Div 3 Premiership (1984)
• 4 x Div C Grade Premierships (1992, 1995, 2000 & 2001)
• 2 x Div D Grade Premiership (1995, 2009)
• 2 X Under 18 Premierships (2009 & 2010)
• 6 x Under 16/17 Premierships (1982, 85, 89 95, 99 & 2000).

The club has also had 22 SAAFL Association Medallists & 2 SAAFL Leading Goal kickers. For more detailed information, click on the Honour Board link.

Orig Jumper Design_250

Craig Testi (Left) and Colin Benwell modelling the new jumper style. At the beginning of each season SAAFL required each club to submit a photograph of the proposed guernsey they intended to wear that year.


Craig Taylor (left) and Matthew Sorby modelling the new look striped guernsey that was introduced in 1992. Port District won their first Div 1 Flag that same year.

92' DIV 1 GF - 1,2,3,4

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