Semaphore Central V Adelaide University – 100 Years of Competition

Port District Vs Varsity – 100 Years of Competition
Back Row: Aaron Christmann, Heath Pocock, Simon Peucker, Ben Haren, Travis Natt, Mitchell Gaffney, Reid Beeching, Shamus Gracie, Daniel Thomas, Todd Smitham, Shane Catteral, Jeremy Johncock. Middle Row: Nathan McDowall, Deke Smith, Darren Perry, Ryan Sampson (C), Paul Higgs (VC), Josh Rosenthal. Sitting: Steven Clay, Corbyn Johnson, Dylan Morphett.

The 2012 season represents the 100 anniversary of  any two teams in Amateur League playing against each other. Adelaide University were a founding member of the South Australian Amateur Football League in 1911 and Semaphore Central joined the following year in 19012. This milestone was celebrated with a special Heritage Day Luncheon at Largs Reserve in August 2012 with Geof and Peter Motley as special guests – Arthur Motley (Geof’s father) having been the inaugural captain of the Semaphore Central team in 1912. Later that day the Port District Team took the field in replica jumpers from the original team in 1912.

Port District 15. 10. (100) def
Adelaide University 13. 12. (90)

Best Players:
T. Natt, S. Catterall, R. Beeching, H. Pocock, J. Johncock
Goal Kickers:
N. McDowell 4, H. Pocock 4, S. Clay 3, S. Catterall , S. Peucker , R. Sampson , D. Smith

Heritage Day Record – 11th August 2012



Tuesday 21st May 1912
Semaphore Central Vs University

These teams met for the first time on the University Oval, on Saturday, and a well contested game was witnessed. The game was fast at times, but both teams were inclined to crowd the ball, and this prevented a good exhibition of clean and open football. The students were the chief culprits in this reject, but their opponents also made the same mistake, to the great detriment of their side. The first quarter was evenly contested, and the end saw Central one point in the lead. This would have been considerably more if it had not been for the fine defence of H. Wilsmore, who time after time saved the situation for the students from the half back line. The second term again found the seasiders attacking vigorously, but owing to in accurate kicking for goal they had increased this lead only by 5 points at half time. Duthie, on the half-back line, was responsible for many determined rushes, and after some clever play he sent the ball well down to the half-forwards with a long kick. After the long interval the students seemed refreshed, and began to play a more open game. Duthie, Kahlbaum, Moir, and J. Quinn, however, defended so determinedly that for some time the play was located chiefly in the centre of the ground. Finally the students prevailed, and at the commencement of the last quarter they had a lead of 4 points. The seasiders struggled hard to reduce the deficit, but the more strenuous training of the students prevailed, and they ran out winners by 10 points. The best players were Willsmore and Duthie, and the clean and dashing play of Steele made him prominent. Caust, in the forward line, was on the alert always, and Badger and Hurley were prominent at times at the other end of the field. D. Jones and Jeffries gave a good display. For the losers J. Quinn, after Duthie, was the best for his side. Moore, Rose, McDonald, and Limb also played well. Goalkickers: University Caust (4), Rollison (2), A. Wilton (1), F. Williams (1). Semaphore Central Kahlbaum, Steele, Brunell, Yeo, Motley (1 each). Scores : University, 8 goals 7 behinds; Semaphore Central, 5 coals 9 behinds.



Monday 24th June 1912
University V Semaphore Central

The second meeting this season between these teams occurred in the presence of a fair of spectators on Saturday. The match was played on the Jubilee Oval, and, as is often the case when a contest was decided there, the game was rather crowded. However, a most interesting match resulted, in which University ran out winners by 15 points. In the first quarter the Central, with the advantage of the wind, were quickly off the mark, and in a few minutes registered a goal. Throughout this quarter Central displayed the better football, their combination especially being noticeable. The University men, on the other hand, showed little combination, and their passing was not accurate. Scores at the end of the first quarter: Central, 5 goals; University, 1 goals 2 behinds. In the second quarter some excellent football was exhibited by the students who quite, outclassed their opponents, and added 5 goals 2 behinds to 1 goal 5 behinds. In the third quarter the play was even, and the ball travelled up and down the field, and University scored 2 goals 3 behinds and Semaphore Central 1 goal 3 behinds. In the final quarter the game became strenuous and exciting. Central strove hard to wipe off their deficit, but the students kept them down to 3 goals 3 behinds, while they themselves added 2 goals 1 behind. Final scores: University 13 goals 8 behinds; Semaphore Central, 10 goals 11 behinds. Goal kickers: University A. C. Wilton (4), Rollison (3), LeMessurier (2), Jeffries, R. G. Wilton, Caust, and K. Williams. Semaphore Central: Limb (2), Dunstone (2), Rose (2), Moore (2), Motley, and Brunell. Best players: University LeMessurier, Rollison, Badger, Jeffries, Hurley, Howard, Blackett, Semaphore Centrals: Weir, Yeo, Limb, Rose, Dunstone, Moore, Motley, Donnell.



2 September 1912
SEMI FINAL – University Oval
University V Semaphore Central

The four teams left in the running for the Amateur League Premiership after the conclusion of the first round were University, Glenferrie, St. Francis Xavier and Semaphore Central. The semi-finals were played on Saturday, and University met and defeated Semaphore Central at University Oval in the presence of a good attendance of spectators. The playing ground was in capital condition and the afternoon ideal for football. University was without the services of Cole and Punchés, but Jones, who had been unwell for several matches, again took his place in the centre for the students. This is the last match that Jones will play as he will leave for Oxford by the mailboat this week. The Centrals were without Allan Lamb, their brilliant forward. The Centrals won the toss and kicked with the wind towards the river. The play was fast but there was a good deal Each side had an equal number of shots for goal, and the quarter ended: – Semaphore Central 2 goals 2 behinds; University 1 goal 4 behinds.

The second quarter saw the students forge ahead. By good open combined play they completely outclassed their opponents. Hayward secured the knockout in nearly every instance, and LeMessurier, Mollison and Wilton put on goals for the students. Kahlbaum and Motley worked hard for the Centrals, but could make no headway. Time after time the ball was taken down among the student forwards, and every time a goal was signalled. The few occasions when Centrals got the ball among their forwards Steele, Burley and Kain, by long telling kicks, sent it out of danger. The half time bell rang when the University men had scored 6 goals to the Centrals 1 behind; making the score University 7 goals 4 behinds; Centrals 2 goals 4 behinds.
The third quarter opened with some attractive play on both sides, but the Centrals spoiled their good work by trying short passing when a long kick would have materially helped them. Blackett and Rollison were too good for Centrals ruck, and Seymour Smith was too fast for his opponent on the wing. Rose for the Centrals, frequently delighted their supporters by his high marking and long kicking. The Centrals however were unable to score, while their opponents added 3 goals 3 behinds to their tally. The score at “Lemons” was therefore: – University 10 goals 7 behinds; Central 2 goals 4 behinds.

The last quarter was entered upon eagerly, but soon the Centrals became completely disorganised. The seasiders showed a complete lack of discipline and their tactics in throwing the ball away and wasting time was deplorable. The display was unworthy of Centrals, who are usually looked upon as one of the finest clubs in the league. Weir and Rose stood out in contrast to the other members of the team and played the game in a gentlemanly and proper manner.

The match closed with the scores:- University, 15 goals 15 behinds; Central 3 goals 6 behinds. The goalkickers for University were Willton (4), Le Messurier (3), Wilismore (3), Rollison (3), and Hayward (2). Centrals goals were obtained by Dunstone (2) and Thurgaland. All the University team played well especially Hayward, Steele, Le Messurier, F. Williams and Seymour Smith. Centrals best players in addition to those mentioned were Moore, Thurgaland, Stidson, and A. Levy. As a result of this match University will meet St. Francis Xavier next Saturday on University Oval to compete for the premiership of the league.