Heritage Day 2015

2015 Heritage Day was celebrated on the 13th June 2015 with a luncheon held at the clubrooms. The theme for 2015 was our clubs Magarey Medalists – which number ten. Criteria for this was the club must have produced this medalist i.e. played for either the Semaphore Central or Exeter clubs before going on to play at a higher level and winning the Magarey Medal – as distinct from winning the Medal and then coming back and playing for the club at a later time.  If these players were to be counted buy generic propecia 1mg online also then the club could boast twelve medalist’s with the inclusion of Marcus Boyall and Jeremy Clayton.

Guest speakers for the day were Greg Anderson (1986) who played junior football at Semaphore Central, Russell Ebert (1971, 74, 76, 80) and son Brett Ebert (2003) who did not play for the club but in keeping with the theme generously donated their time as speakers. The event was hosted by George Fiacchi.

The below link is slideshow that provides the background on each of the Magarey Medalist’s.

Heritage Day 2015 – Presentation