Des Dalgleish Trophy

Des Dalgleish Honour Board

1976T. Mathieson*Under 12111
1977M. White*Under 1477
1978P. Catton*Under 1266
1979P. NichollsUnder 1039
1980R. SmithUnder 1462
1981D. AveryUnder 10139
1982S. StavridesUnder 1276
1983B. WillsUnder 1287
1984D. MoirUnder 1256
1985T. HarrisUnder 1355
1986R. HutchinsUnder 11147
1987A. SteedUnder 11214
1988G. UnderdownUnder 13143
1989S. GriffenUnder 11185
1990A. Wanders-143
1991S. GriffenUnder 13143
1992S. LehmannUnder 9171
1993J. MatteUnder 15213
1994T. SheaUnder 9202
1995D. Cobb / J. DegabrielleUnder 9 / Under 13193
1996N. BockUnder 13210
1997W. SteffensonUnder 9218
1998T. BockUnder 11152
1999S. SummertonUnder 11197
2000M. Templeton-171
2001S. CatterallUnder 13208
2002A. HinsleyUnde 10160
2003A. PepeUnder 15194
2004A. JonesUnder 13190
2005R. MerrettUnder 11233
2006R. MerrettUnder 12184
2007D. GriegUnder 10199
2008W. McPhersonUnder 10199
2009A. McPhersonUnder 10169
2010W. McPhersonUnder 12225
2011C. GaffneyUnder 12223
2012J. GaffneyUnder 16223
2013C. GaffneyUnder 14237
2014Z. BuckUnder 12 (D1)227
2015D. ErringtonUnder 14 (D1)214

Des Dalgleish

Des Dalgleish was involved for many years on the Committee of the Exeter Junior Football Club.  You will note that the first few winners of this trophy were in fact Exeter juniors before the trophy was passed onto Port District's when they were establishment in 1979. The Des Dalgleish Trophy is presented annually to the junior footballer that polls the most votes across all Junior grades at the end of season medal count. The trophy is awarded in recognition of the many years of service undertaken by Des Dalgleish and the Exeter Junior Football Club.

* denotes Exeter Junior Football Club.

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