Largs Legends MVP – John Hargraves Medal

Largs Legends / John Hargraves Medal

1999Rohan Smith
2000Damian Angove
2001Jamie Baldiserra
2002Chris McLachlan
2003Nathan Seal
2004Darren Perry
2005Matthew Ashley
2006Alfie Steed
2007Alfie Steed
2008Matthew Gates
2009Ryan Sampson
2010Brett Prior
2011Nathan McDowall
2012Reid Beeching
2013Steven Clay
2014Trent Heffernan
2015Trent Heffernan
2016Damian Coulthard
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The John Hargraves Trophy - Largs Legends MVP perpetual trophy awarded each season to the player deemed as club MVP - A Grade.

The John Hargraves Trophy - Largs Legends MVP

The perpetual trophy named in the honor of John Hargraves which is awarded by votes submitted after each game by attending Largs Legends. At the end of the season these votes are tabulated with the trophy awarded to the player that receives the most votes.


John Hargraves Medal _150Metal Kakdus Proud Sponsor of Largs Legends MVP

Each year for the past 5 years Mark Clayton of Metal Kakdus has generously hand crafted and provided the magnificent John Hargraves Medal awarded to the lucky winner. We thank Mark for his continued support.


John Hargraves

John Hargraves along with his wife Dorothy (Dot) were associated with the Semaphore Central Football Club initially as a Junior Administrator and later with senior club in many roles ranging from committee member, timekeeper to managing individual teams. John was always happy to take on backroom duties and for many years he along with his wife Dot were integral to the running of the football club. Dot also served in roles which included Club Treasurer and Club Secretary.

When the Port District Football Club commenced in 1979 John continued on in these roles helping out wherever he was required. John was a plumber by trade and also a Justice of the Peace. He was very well liked and respected not only at the club but in the wider community.

In 1999 when the Largs Legends sat down and decided to award an annual trophy/medal to the individual they deemed most valuable for the season - no LL was willing to put their name to the medal. Eventually it was agreed by all present that the first Legend to pass would take on the name of this perpetual trophy.

Sadly it was John who was the first LL to pass and accordingly the trophy took on his name. John was always happy to take on the unspectacular roles that no one else would and with his unassuming nature we know he would have felt embarrassed that he has a trophy that now bares his name. For all the valued hard work he performed for the club over many decades the naming of this trophy in his honor could not have gone to more deserving individual.

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