Online Membership / Registration

paypal_logoTo make it easier to pay club membership and registration fees the club has set up an online payment facility offering both payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (Direct Debit) as well as credit cards via the secure Paypal system. With the senior club rising into Division One in 2014 the club is keen to put ourselves in a secure financial position off the field to ensure that we maintain our presence in Division 1.

Accordingly we are keen for as many past players and supporters to join up in order to support the club and maintain our position at the highest level in SAAFL.

Social Football Club Membership is only $35 per year and we would encourage everyone to join to put the club on a sound financial footing.

Ease of Payment

To make it simple the club is offering two options when paying Memberships or Registrations:

Option One:

Complete the online registration form choosing your membership / registration level then pay by credit card can i buy propecia online using the secure Paypal facility or if you are a registered PayPal account holder – direct from your PayPal account. All major credit cards are accepted using this secure PayPal facility.

Please Note: You do not need to have a PayPal Account to make payment with credit cards you are simply using Paypal’s secure online gateway – at nil expense to the purchaser.

Option Two:

Deposit funds direct from your own bank account into the Port District bank account. First complete the online registration form choosing your membership / registration level – then deposit that amount into the Port District bank account. You will receive a confirmation email advising the amount and the PDFC bank account details where the funds need to be transferred on completion of the form.

Please Note: When using the EFT payment method please ensure you insert your surname into the “Reference” section provided by your bank. This will allow us to marry the amount with a name.