The Advertiser 25 March, 1911 – Port Adelaide and Suburban Association



25th March 1911
Delegates representing various clubs met in the Port Adelaide Young Men’s Christian Association Rooms on Monday evening. Mr. Charles Othen occupied the chair. He stated that the association had determined to foster a football association. It was unanimously decided to foster an associatoin, comprising the Alberton Baptist, Alberton Methodists, Port Congregationalist, Semaphore Baptists, Albert Parks, and Central Junior teams. The name chosen was the Port Adelaide and Suburban Football Association, under the auspices of the Port Adelaide Y.M.C.A. The officers elected were:- Patron the Mayor (Mr. W. T. Rofe); president. Dr. F. S. Hone; Vice President Drs R. E. Magarey, P. Bollun and A. V. Benson, and Messrs. C. H. Johnson, E. A. Farquhar, T. Todd, C. Barton, and S. H. Skipper; Chairman, Mr. Charles Othen; Secretary and Treasurer, Mr. R. W. A. Linton.

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