The Advertiser 27 March 1911 – Letters to the Editor


To the Editor,

Sir-Since the annual meeting of the S.A.F.A. the action of West Adelaide’s delegates has been questioned regarding the rejection of the Semaphore Central and Prospect football clubs; also my co-delegate and I have received considerable abuse as to the election of a new chairman of the association. I wish to inform the sporting public, through your valuable columns, that both of West Adelaide’s delegates were in favour of Semaphore Central and Prospect still remaining in the association; and further, I myself nominated Mr Phil Argall for the position he has held so well for so many years, and we feel it will be many a long day before the South Australian Football Association are lucky enough to procure such an efficient and courteous chairman as Mr Phil Argall.

Bert Edwards
Honorable Secretary – West Adelaide Football Club

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