The Mail 11 May 1912 – Semaphore Central v St Francis Xavier



The Mail
11 May 1912
The above teams met on the south park lands on Saturday. The game was very close, and well fought out after the first quarter. Semaphore gained a lead of 20 points in the first term, which enabled them to win in the end by the small margin of 2 points. Final buy finasteride 5 mg scores: Semaphore, 6 goals 7 behinds; St. Francis. 5 goals 11 behinds. Goalkickers: Semaphore Yeo (2), Motley, Sage, Rose, and Kneebone (1 each). St. Francis: O’Loughlin, S. Kearney, Tymmons, B. Kearney; and Sweeney (1 each) Best Players: Winners Thurgarland, Quinn, Kahlbaum, Duthie, Kean, Steele, and the Goalkickers, Losers: Heenan, Rice, Doherty, Flaherty

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