The Register 19 April 1912 – Amateur League



The Register 19 April 1912
The annual meeting of the Amateur League was held on Monday evening at the University of Adelaide, when there was a large attendance of delegates. Mr. S. W. Jeffries occupied the chair. The secretary, in presenting his report, stated that the previous season had been successful in every respect. The league had met with one or two difficulties at the commencement of the year, but they had been overcome in a satisfactory manner. It was expected that the standard of football would be high, and he was pleased to announce that that expectation had been fully realized. One match was played by a representative team from the league, and that was with the Gawler buy actavis finasteride Association, when they proved themselves too strong for the country eighteen. He regretted that the league had been deprived of the President (Professor H Darnley Naylor) owing to his departure from Adelaide. Nobody exercised a keener interest. In the welfare of the league than Professor Naylor, and his services to the league had proved exceedingly beneficial. He regarded the prospects of the coming season as extremely bright. The inclusion of the St.Peter’s College and Semaphore Central Clubs would add a considerably amount of interest to the games, and he considered that the matches would prove to be of a most interesting nature. The finances were in a satisfactory state, and the season, was closed with a credit balance.


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