The Register 23 March 1911 – South Australian Association



The annual meeting of the South Australian Football Association was held at the Prince of Wales Hotel, Angas Street, on Wednesday evening. The Chairman (Mr. Argall) presided over a large attendance of delegates. The report stated that during the season several State School matches had been played prior to the association matches. It was hoped in the coming season to encourage lads by continuing the arrangement.
The death of Mr F. W. Bennett, who for some years was a member of the committee, was regretted. On the motion of Mr. J. J. Kelly (Portland Imperial) the report was adopted. The financial statement, which showed a credit balance of £17, was adopted on the motion of the game delegate. Speaking on the motion for the adoption of the financial statement, Mr. C. F. Young (North Adelaide finasteride to buy II.) said he would prefer that during the ensuing season the clubs should have the appointment of honorary goalkeepers, as trouble had been experienced in the previous winter. Consideration of the report of the conference with the South Australian Football League was called on. The Chairman said he did not think a report was necessary. A motion had been carried that seven clubs should constitute the association. They could not rescind that resolution except by a two-thirds majority. Mr. A. E. Kenny (North Adelaide II.) moved that the resolution be rescinded. His club had instructed him to move for the continuance of the affiliation of the Prospect Club, which was an old established club, and had won a reputation under its name. A number of good footballers in the district would be debarred from playing the game. Supposing North Adelaide were the accepted club of the association, there was no hope of the Prospect men practising with the former club, as the ground was too far away from their district. Delegates should think seriously before rushing two clubs out of the association. They would be losing a number of good footballers and sportsmen by so doing. The league was to give them a subsidy of £50 if they would reduce the number of clubs to seven – one for each district represented in the league. They should stand on their dignity, and not accept a sop to do the pioneering work of the league on such a condition. Mr. C. F. Young (North Adelaide II) seconded. The motion was lost: by 10 votes to 8. It was decided that Portland Imperial and North Adelaide II should represent Port Adelaide and North Adelaide districts respectively. Semaphore Central and Prospect were consequently rejected, and their delegates debarred from taking any further part in the meeting.

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